Simon Kurzbuch - 2015 IFMAR 1:8 Nitro World Champion

Simon Kurzbuch – 2015 IFMAR 1:8 Nitro World Champion

PROTOform Race Bodies congratulates Team Driver Simon Kurzbuch on his outstanding performance in Americana City, Brazil to win the 2015 IFMAR 1:8 Nitro World Championship!

Race report via Sander de Graaf:

With some delays, due to rain on Saturday morning the last 5 finals of the 2015 IFMAR 1/8th onroad World Championships were run in the afternoon at the ZECA Elias track in Americana City SP. The final started just after 5pm with Simon Kurzbuch on pole positionfor Shepherd. Following a hard fought pair of Semi finals in which we lost contenders Balestri, Pietsch & Collari it would be Takaaki Shimo who would start from 2nd with fellow Japanese racer Yuya Sahashi in 3rd. Fourth on the grid was local favourite Flavio Elias starting ahead of reigning World Champion Tadahiko Sahashi in 5th, Sebastian Recio (coming from the 1/4 finals) 6th, Shinnosuke Yokoyama 7th, Henrique Winik (also from the Quarters) 8th, Robin D’Hondt 9th and Daniele Ielasi completing the grid in 10th, the only Italian in the final.

During the first 30 minutes it was Kurzbuch followed by Shimo and Daniele Ielasi who had worked his way up from last on the grid to 3rd. It took until lap 132 for Shimo to get passed when Simon made a small error but 5 laps later Simon retook the lead after a faster pit stop. In the following stop it was the crew of Shimo that faster, so it was Shimo again in the lead. The last pit stop was decisive when Shimo drove into the pitlane running on fumes, so it was Kurzbuch back into the lead again. Shimo could catch up to the rear of the Swiss driver but didn’t enough speed or opportunities to make the pass, so as they crossed the line for the final time the pair were separated by just 0.2 seconds after 1 hour of racing. Meanwhile Ielasi who had to stop due to a driver error and mechanical failure allowed Yuya Sahashi into 3rd and the final podium position, with local hero Elias ending the race in 4th.

2015 IFMAR 1:8 Worlds Final Result

  1. Simon Kurzbuch (CH) – 202L 60:00:506 (Shepherd/Novarossi/PROTOform R18)
  2. Takaaki Shimo (JP) – 202L 60:00:720 (Mugen/OS Speed/PROTOform R18)
  3. Yuya Sahashi (JP) – 201L 60:11:670 (Serpent/Picco/PROTOform R18)
  4. Flavio Elias (BR] – 200L 60:15:239 (Shepherd/Novarossi/PROTOform P909)
  5. Tadahiko Sahashi (JP) – 200L 60:15:354 (Serpent/PiccoPROTOform R18)
  6. Sebastian Recio (ARG) – 193L 59:51:325 (Capricorn/NovarossiPROTOform R18)
  7. Shinnosuke Yokoyama (JP) – 167L 59:49:810 (Mugen/OS SpeedPROTOform R18)
  8. Henrique Winik (BR) – 143L 44:50:294 (Mugen/OS Speed/PROTOform R18)
  9. Robin D’Hondt (BE) – 119L 36:48:966 (BMT/Picco/PROTOform R18)
  10. Daniele Ieliasi (IT) – 96L 28:43:838 (WRC/Ielasi Tuned)