sat_yellA huge congrats to Ronald Völker on his long awaited win at the 2016 ISTC World Championships in Beijing, China! We are proud to have played a small role in accomplishing your dream. 

PROTOform-equipped drivers made up 9 of the 10 finalists at the Worlds, including a career best podium finish for Viktor Wilck! The LTC-R race body has now been used to win 4 straight Touring Car World Championships.

The Top 10 in Beijing:
1. Ronald Völker / PROTOform LTC-R
2. Bruno Coelho
3. Viktor Wilck / PROTOform LTC-R
4. Christopher Krapp / PROTOform LTC-R
5. Marc Rheinard / PROTOform LTC-R
6. Akio Sobue / PROTOform LTC-R
7. Alexander Hagberg / PROTOform LTC-R
8. Marc Fischer / PROTOform LTC-R
9. Nicholas Lee / PROTOform LTC-R
10. Naoki Akiyama / PROTOform LTC-R

We look forward to the next ISTC Worlds in South Africa 2018!

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